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Cannabis Light: effects, properties and benefits

The Cannabis Light is a product with interesting benefits and properties.

Cannabis Light, or light, is not a sypefacient substance. It is distinguished from the illegal one by the reduced concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), an active ingredient that binds to nerve cell receptors releasing dopamine and causing euphoria, appetite, relaxation, disorientation, anxiety, paranoia, drowsiness, alterations of auditory perceptions and prostration .

The inhibitory effects of Tetrahydrocannabinol usually last no longer than three to four hours. Cannabis Light, unlike marijuana, is derived from the female inflorescences of the industrial Hemp Sativa, cut by hand and dried naturally. For production, seeds with reduced THC content and high concentrations of CBD (Cannabidiol) are carefully selected. The metabolite is not a psychoactive and has the task of counteracting the side effects produced by THC on heart beats, body temperature and breathing.

Apparently, light cannabis is very similar to marijuana. However, careful chemical analysis is enough to distinguish it from the illegal one in the black markets. Law recognizes the cultivation of Cannabis Light and the sale for recreational use, for purely collectibles or technical purposes.

Properties and benefits of Cannabis Light

Cannabis Light is not a curative substance, so it should not be confused with therapeutic cannabis. It can be considered really legal if THC percentages are below 0.2%. Unlike illegal Cannabis, the light one does not induce psychotropic effects, it does not cause any paranoia or feeling of intoxication. The CBD is a valuable ally against menstrual pain, migraine, joint pain. It produces muscle relaxant effects, is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic and antioxidant for the fight against cellular and skin aging.

Side effects of Cannabis Light

Unlike the illegal Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Light by virtue of its composition does not have any side effects.

However, the risks associated with its combustion are not negligible such as the formation of malignant neoplasms and disorders affecting the respiratory and circulatory system.

In addition, it is preferable that pregnant women do not abuse legal hemp, because the high amount of CBD could have serious repercussions on the placenta, altering its functionality. The consumption of legal hemp sativa is to be avoided in case of cardiac and / or respiratory disorders.

Care must also be taken shortly before driving. While not having inhibitory effects on reflexes and attention, it can, however, have consequences in the course of a check carried out by law enforcement agencies. The Cannabis Light as it is known contains equally low percentages of THC necessary to be positive for the test and to be declared not able to drive.