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Joint smoking etiquettes

The process of rolling joints is pretty straightforward, but there are some forms of joint smoking etiquette around the world. Cannabis lovers have a tight-knit society that follows loosely codified standards of behavior. If you break the rules, you won’t necessarily be sent to jail; you will just not be invited into another smoke session. You don’t want to get squeezed out for smoking joint like a rude, ill-mannered person.

Puff, puff, and pass

Remember the culture of puff, puff, pass. This is how it’s done in the U.S. and Canada. You get two puffs then it goes on to the next person. However, in Europe, they have the opposite rule. You are urged to smoke it comfortably for a bit, as long as you don’t get over-greedy. The culture of sharing is a beautiful and essential aspect of the cannabis community. Smoking together is a bonding and intimate experience.

Pass the joint to the left

There was a time when people insisted that you always pass to the left, but this is no longer much of a consideration. Nonetheless, it may happen that you encounter it now and again. It is a Rastafarian tradition where the people would pass their joint to the left in times of peace and to the right in times of war. Passing the joint to the left is also a logical process. The benefits of establishing a common rotation during a session is helpful once a few rounds have been completed and smokers start to forget things.

Don’t hold the weed

Don’t babysit the joint. This tends to happen when the joint comes to a person who is telling a story. Sometimes they are so engrossed in their story that they end up “camping” on the joint and forget to pass it. This usually causes great agitation among the group as they watch the joint burn away until someone reminds the camper to pass it on.

Don’t wet the joint with your saliva

Don’t get soggy. No one likes the person who licks their lips before smoking, then gets the joint all soggy before passing it. Not only does this cause the joint to fall apart, but it’s just plain gross. Giving someone a mouth full of your saliva can certainly ruin the fun. Please be polite and at least wipe the mouthpiece before handing it off.

Blowing smoke in people’s face is gross

It is utterly rude and inconsiderate to blow smoke in people’s faces. Unless you’ve been invited to shotgun a joint, there is never a good reason to blow smoke on anyone’s face.

Sharing is caring

The whole point of a smoking circle is to share. Make sure you bring your own joint to share with the group. However, if you can’t get your hands on some, bring some beers. Smokers are known to be pretty easygoing.

Don’t pressurize your peer

Respect the person who doesn’t want to participate or who doesn’t like to smoke. Pissing contests have no place in any circle with proper etiquette. It is important to respect others’ limit and opinions.